Wales an Overview

Wales is a fascinating and proud country within Great Britain, known for its beauty, its valley’s its lyrical accent and dialogue. The Welsh have their own language and you will see this on the road signs, which due to the amount of letters that make up the names of places in Wales, the road signs are quite long, L is a very popular letter, LLangollen for example. They are very proud of speaking in their native tongue as they feared that it would disappear due to the English language becoming wide spread by its use in the media or in the newspapers. Now Wales has its own Welsh speaking television service.

Wales has many famous sons, Richard Burton, Harry Secombe, Tom Jones and a bit more recently Kelly Jones front man with the Stereophonics. Welsh choirs are famous throughout the world so it is a very musical part of the world.

The scenery is amazing and can be viewed from many angles, walking holidays are a very popular way of taking in as much of this place as you can in the time you have allocated yourself. Or from the waterways, as mentioned earlier, Llangollen Canal is a beautiful stretch of waterway and many hire boat companies offer you very comfortable floating accommodation allowing you to just cruise along and totally unwind in this wonderful setting. Snowdonia, known world- wide, makes Wales a popular destination for climbers, it has sandy beaches, Carbis Bay is a very pretty resort. From the tourist point of view, Wales has everything to offer.

Politically Wales has an Assembly and has the jurisdiction to make their own laws affecting their country. Forty of its six hundred and forty-six MP’s sit in Westminster. Wales is very much a labour orientated country. Like the rest of the UK, it produced coal and steel, it was a very industrious part of the UK. Sadly, like the rest of the UK, these industries are all but wiped out and have been replaced by tourism, financial services and some light industry. Wales is steeped in history, it was overrun with the Normans at one point in time until King Edward the 1st conquered Wales and in 1284

Wales was placed under English law. 1485 was the Battle of Bosworth where Welshman Henry Tudor gained the throne and was known as Henry the Seventh. His son Henry the Eighth put paid to Welsh Independence by bringing in Acts of Union which whilst allowing Wales independence, it managed to use the English language in the courts and introduced English laws. The Welsh Assembly was born in 1997 which gave some independence back to Wales although they do not feel the wish to be totally free of the UK Government. Cardiff is the Capital of Wales, many a famous game of rugby has been played at

Cardiff Arms Park but visitors come from far and wide to enjoy this city on its own merits. Architecture, old and new sit alongside each other very well. Cardiff Castle is now used for weddings or a more intimate affair, if required. As referred to earlier Wales is a very musical country and therefore you have a choice across Cardiff of all genres, Opera, Ballet, Theatres, Museums, top class entertainment will only ever be a short stroll away.

Visit the Red Dragon Centre with its twenty -six lane bowling alley, twelve screen cinema, a casino, gym and many wonderful mouth- watering restaurants and bars to replenish your energy levels.

Whatever brings you to Wales, Wales will bring you back again time after time and you will still have not seen it all.